Bridlington Miley Cyrus fan gets another tattoo of the singer’s face

Miley Cyrus fan Carl McCoid shows off his latest tattoo of the singer.
Miley Cyrus fan Carl McCoid shows off his latest tattoo of the singer.

A WORLD famous Miley Cyrus fan had his sixteenth tattoo of the popstar whilst being filmed by a German TV station.

Carl McCoid, 39, of Thixendale Road, Bridlington, got the tattoo of Cyrus’s face on his right arm, on Thursday at Black Lantern tattoo studio, Marshall Avenue, Bridlington.

German TV station RTL were at the studio filming Carl add to his, now world famous, tattoo collection, for a news item, broadcast on Saturday.

The tattoo, chosen by Carl for Cyrus’s smile in the image, took around five hours to complete and was done by Stuart Rollisson, an award-winning tattoo artist.

Carl, who first heard Cyrus on Radio One in 2009, said: “I just wanted to show Miley Cyrus that I was dedicated and that I’d do anything for her.”

He explained he found comfort and strength in Cyrus’ music following a divorce from his partner last year, and had not expected to become a Twitter sensation after posting images of his tattoos.

He said: “I see it as a little bit of fun, and spend an hour a night going on Twitter and talking to fans, seeing what Miley has been up to and getting on with during the day.

“All I wanted was for Miley to see the tattoo, I keep myself to myself.

“I just want to know that she has seen it, I want her to know how amazing she is.”

Stuart, who owns Black Lantern, said: “I have done all but one of Carl’s tattoos, but I have never been filmed before in this kind of situation.

“I’m up for a joke as much as the next man but I hope it’s taken seriously for Carl’s sake.”

Dan Farrington, producer at RTL, said the station was intrigued by Carl’s story and the disbelief it provokes in people.

He said: “He has got such conviction and it means so much to him, when no-one else gets it at all.

“Some people who get divorced take up golf or fishing and he says it is not a teenage crush, but it is quite a long way to go with your passion.”

Carl expects to have more tattoos of Cyrus’s lyrics in the future and believes his tattoos have helped generate support for her, however small the amount.