Bridlington hosts beach dance spectacular

Yorkshire Dance Production on Bridlington South Beach.
Yorkshire Dance Production on Bridlington South Beach.

Bridlington played host to the UK’s largest dance festival on Saturday as dance groups from across Yorkshire united for a spectacular performance on the beach.

Over 100 dancers took part in the site specific piece called ‘Bodies on the Beach’ with crowds of onlookers watching the carefully choreographed show.

The misty conditions on the beach created a unique atmosphere, adding to the performance as music specially tailored to the routine played out from the Spa.

Bodies on the Beach, a commissioned piece, was made possible thanks to a £20,000 grant from Arts Council England and was organised by regional dance agency Yorkshire Dance.

The piece was choreographed by Susanne Thomas and was followed by performances by local and regional dance groups.

June Mitchell, Community Arts Officer for East Riding Council, said: “The mist coming in really made the piece because it looked like the dancers were coming out of the mist.

“We had over 1,000 people watching the performance and it went absolutely brilliantly.

“Quite a lot of planning goes into Big Dance but we only found out we would be getting the funding at Easter so it has taken a lot of planning in a very short space of time.

“The grants for the commissioned pieces have gone to six projects across the country and most of them are in big cities like Leeds or London so we have been very lucky to get it in our region.”

Big Dance is the UK’s largest festival of dance participation and performance. Since 2006, Big Dance has taken place in the UK every two years, bringing together a range of dance activities and community participants.