Bridlington heart appeal reaches £1,000

Lynne Wood, Donna Hirst, Stella Tindall and Gail Slater launch the appeal.
Lynne Wood, Donna Hirst, Stella Tindall and Gail Slater launch the appeal.

The Free Press-backed campaign to raise £5,000 to fund a heart screening day in Bridlington has already achieved its first milestone.

The appeal total has passed the £1,000 mark following a number of donations after our front page story last week.

A collection at the recent Bridlington ABC boxing show got the ball rolling with £250, and a social media campaign has brought in further contributions.

Gail Slater, who is part of the team organising the campaign, said: “At present we have £1,058 and are really grateful and overwhelmed at the response so far.

“We have had customers coming into the shop donating and saying what a great thing it is we are doing as well as donating via our Just Giving page.”

The heart screening day is the idea of five colleagues – Gail, Lynne Wood, Donna Hirst, Stella Tindall and Ruth O’Grady from Bridlington’s Marks and Spencer store.

They were inspired to take action following the death of teacher James Moorfoot, who collapsed and died during a football match at Rudston last year.

The heart screening day will be held at Bridlington Club for Young People in October and 100 people aged 14 to 35 will be tested if the £5,000 target is reached.

If you want to organise an event to raise money for the Have A Heart, Save A Life appeal, contact john.edwards@jpress.co.uk and we will publicise it in the Free Press.

If you want to make a donation, click here.