Bridlington GPs to work with Jacob’s Well charity

Margaret and Alistair Robertson will become aid workers with Jacob's Well.
Margaret and Alistair Robertson will become aid workers with Jacob's Well.

At the end of October, two Bridlington GPs are giving up their jobs to become aid workers with the local charity Jacob’s Well.

Husband and wife team Drs Alistair and Margaret Robertson have been doctors in Bridlington for over 25 years. Alistair is a senior partner at the Manor House surgery on Bridlington’s Promenade, while Margaret is a partner at “Practice 3” in the medical centre on Station Avenue. Both doctors are well-known figures in the community. Alistair was involved in the local effort to try and prevent the down-grading of Bridlington’s hospital. He fought to keep the local maternity ward open for delivering babies, and was one of the last GP’s to deliver babies in the town.

Both doctors have wanted to work overseas in humanitarian work. As a young girl of 14, Margaret decided that she was called to go abroad as a missionary. When the couple were married in 1986, they agreed together that their life’s work would be overseas.

As newly qualified doctors, they applied to Tearfund with a view to working somewhere in the third world.

Although they were offered various roles overseas, none of the jobs seemed to be right for them. Then their children came along, and so they settled down as local GPs and tried to fulfil their calling to help others within their local community.

Both doctors are strong Christian believers and active members of the congregation at Christ Church in Bridlington.

Alistair has led the young people’s work within the church, while Margaret has taught Sunday school, sung in the church music group and helped with the Bridlington Girls’ Choir.

Margaret said: “Working as a GP in Bridlington has been an amazing privilege.

“One of the best parts of the job is that you have the opportunity to be involved in the lives of so many families.

“I have known many of my patients for years. I have been there when they had babies and looked after those children as they grew up and then watched them have babies of their own. You get to know whole families and are involved in some of the important moments of their lives.”

Alistair and Margaret first heard about Jacob’s Well last year when the Beverley-based charity opened a new charity shop in Bridlington.

Shortly afterwards, they spent a week’s holiday working with Jacob’s Well to see if this could be the opportunity that they had been waiting for.

After that week they gave notice to their respective practices and will now finish work on Friday 30 October.

Margaret and Alistair both want to say a big “thank you” to all their patients and colleagues for all the friendship and the support that they have experienced over the past 25 years. They would also like to thank the Rev Jonathan Cooper and his wife, Anne, and the Christ Church family for their ongoing prayers and support.

Margaret hopes to stay in touch via her blog on the Jacob’s Well’s website – – or on the charity’s Facebook page.

For those who would like to wish Alistair and Margaret well as they embark on their new and exciting journey, a special “Commissioning Service” has been organised at Christ Church in Bridlington at 6pm on Sunday 25 October.