Bridlington fishermen suffer impact of storm surge

Thomas Quinn, crewman aboard the Lavinia Rose.
Thomas Quinn, crewman aboard the Lavinia Rose.
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An electrical fire sparked in a warehouse along Chicken Run during last night’s flooding has left the stretch without power.

As flood waters rose yesterday evening, engulfing the harbour, the fire in a circuit box briefly took hold but was quickly extinguished. Power is expected to be out along Chicken Run for three to five days.

Thomas Quinn, 50, who is a crewman aboard the Lavinia Rose, said: “There is a lot of bait kept in fridges in these warehouses and a lot of people are panicking about what will happen to it.

“There’s literally thousands of pounds worth of bait. If bait goes rotten then we can’t go out to sea.”

Danny Traves, 33, said: “It hasn’t affected me as badly as some of the other lads. Those who have freezers and bait in there will have lost a good few thousand pounds worth.

“I lost a generator, which was primed and ready to use.

“I was on my boat, the Kirsty Louise, and I saw the water getting higher over by the Chicken Run and I thought I’m going to get a picture of that. By the time I was off the boat and got my camera out, the water was round my ankles and I needed to leg it.”

Fisherman Lee Warters, 19, said: “It has flooded everyone’s belongings, people have lost generators, power washers and drills. The carpark flooded so people have lost cars.

“It has cost a lot of money and a lot of time, probably a few thousand. It has cost us in time, we could have been out at sea or making pots.

“It is not a busy time of year but it is Christmas coming up so people are trying to save money.”

High tide comes in at around 6.30pm today but waters are not expected to flood the harbour to the same extent as last night.

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