Bridlington duo are back and they're producing new music

Chris and Scott
Chris and Scott

Two Bridlington best friends have been signed to a record label on their return to producing music.

Four years ago, Scott Hudson and Chris Moverley were known in Bridlington as the Northern Monkeys and the DJ-ing duo travelled the country to play their sets.

At their peak they had been signed to three record deals and were offered the opportunity to tour Australia playing their music.

The duo even hosted a DJ set on radio station Kiss FM.

But their life in the DJ booth went on the back burner as they both settled down into family life.

Now both 31, Scott and Chris have reignited their passion for making music and are going under the name Tekkers.

Inspired to give it another go, the pair set up a studio space and got to work.

They have started producing house music and their debut single, You Will Find, has been signed by a Brazilian record company, Klexos Records.

“It’s a different genre to what we had produced previously, it’s a lot more chilled out and groovy sort of sound,” said Scott.

“This is the first song we have produced and we sent it out to about 10 or 15 different companies and three of them got back to us and wanted to sign it.”

So far the duo have received a positive reaction after their debut single was released two weeks ago and Tekkers have appeared on Traxsource which is a website showcasing DJs and producers.

Scott and Chris attended the same school growing up in Bridlington, but Scott admitted that they had never really spoken.

It wasn’t until they both worked at New Look in Bridlington that their friendship developed and Chris first introduced Scott to the genre.

Scott said: “It’s something that we couldn’t imagine doing without each other.

“Although we wind each other up most of the time, it’s great to share this experience with my best friend.”

Now Scott works as a supervisor at the Bridlington store while Chris is manager at the Scarborough store, but they still find time to concentrate on their music.

Chris said: “It’s been a long process but it’s nice to finally see some results.

“And it’s great to hear and see so many positive things about our music – from friends, family and even people we don’t know.”

While Scott added: “Our families have been really supportive and we’ve had a great reaction.

“As far as me and Chris are concerned we just want to keep producing music and people keep enjoying it, that’s enough for us.”

Scott and Chris are currently working on their next single which Scott hopes will be finished in the near future.

“It’s been a great experience and we just want to continue doing what we enjoy.”