Bridlington councillor needs your help for community events

Coun Liam Dealtry.
Coun Liam Dealtry.

A TOWN Councillor has appealed for people who are proud of Bridlington to join him in his crusade to organise a host of community events in the town.

Coun Liam Dealtry, who is a former mayor of the town, is looking to set up an independent, non-political group to organise events that have disappeared from the town’s calendar in recent years, as well as a few new ones.

He hopes to revive amongst other things the Harbour Gala, Bridlington’s Carnival and the May Day lifeboat pull as well as look at setting up a BMX track, a track and field area, even a dedicated graffiti wall - but he needs your help.

Coun Dealtry said: “People ask me about trying to organise different events, and on most occasions I do my very best. But unfortunately, more than often not, these things don’t come off because I spread myself too thin to be able to follow everything through.

“There is a huge amount of red tape and behind the scenes work to put together some of these events and sometimes maybe people don’t realise that - there needs to be a group of people involved.

“So I am now asking for help from like minded people. As an individual we may not be able to do much, but as a group we can move mountains.”

Coun Dealtry says that he hopes any group that gets together would be strictly non-political and independent.

“That is important, I don’t want anything to be politically motivated - if people think they can help out and want to see things happen in the town, then we can try and do something.

“I would really like to get people on board to help start a fantastic Armed Forces day to equal or even beat Beverley’s - that would be wonderful for Bridlington I think.

“But it’s not just about me and my ideas, I want to hear what everyone wants to do. I’m sure there are some great ideas out there.”

Anyone who would be willing to add their input, write letters, help with paperwork, look for funding streams or help out at the events can contact Liam by email