Bridlington community pull together for flooding clear-up

Bridlington Harbour Flooded due to storm surge.'NBFP PA1349-19r
Bridlington Harbour Flooded due to storm surge.'NBFP PA1349-19r

Gratitude and praise for the Bridlington community has been voiced by business owners affected by the harbour floods last week.

Flood waters washed in on Thursday 5 December and engulfed properties including Rags, shops on Harbour Road and the Independent Shellfishermen’s Co-Operative in Gummers Wharf.

A large team of volunteers and staff members joined together at Rags to combat the flood waters on Thursday night, and the restaurant was able to open to customers on Friday.

Julie Dyl, who owns Rags with her husband Leslie, said: “It was just unreal, at one point I couldn’t even see people I could just hear voices and water and mopping.

“We wouldn’t have been at the stage where we could have kept some of the water at bay if it wasn’t for the people who helped.

“I would like to say a massive thank you, it is just overwhelming really I still can’t believe it now when I look back.

“It just shows you how the community can pull together without even being asked really. The Coast Guards and the RNLI lads were just brilliant.”

Jo Ackers, at the ISC, told the Free Press she has received many offers of help from various places, including one from the Bridlington Business Centre providing space for her to store stock.

“It has enforced the community spirit down here, everybody has pulled together. The fishermen are just knuckling down and getting on with stuff,” she said.