Bridlington bucks the trend for car burglaries

"TWO-in-one" or "Hanoi" burglaries are on the increase – but Bridlington seems to be bucking the trend.

Humberside Police say 58 expensive cars, including Audis, BMWs and Land Rovers, have been taken from houses in the East Riding since the beginning of the year.

Hanoi or two-in-one burglaries involve the criminals stealing car keys after breaking into the house. They were named Hanoi after a police operation.

In many cases, jewellery and expensive electrical items have been untouched and the car keys have been the only things taken, along with the car.

But Bridlington has had only four Hanoi incidents so far this year, and all of those happened in a two-week period in June.

They involved the theft of an Audi TT, Vauxhall Astra VX2 , a Land Rover and a Ford Focus from properties in the YO16 – mainly northern Brid-lington – postcode area.

Police say the thefts are down to organised gangs stealing to order.

The majority of the vehicles taken in the force area were of high-value cars with 02 to 08 plates or personalised plates.

A recent example of what happens to such vehicles is that of an Audi stolen from Wilberfoss in September. It was recovered in Luton in October after it had been bought in good faith in Coventry.

Detective Sergeant Katrina Shipley, from Humberside Police CID, said: "I think this relatively new crime has evolved since car manufacturers have enhanced their security on vehicles extensively, requiring the would-be thief to need a key. I always advise homeowners to keep keys or handbags hidden from view and ask them to fit burglar alarms to homes or security lighting. These will be triggered by people entering a garden and making attempts to get in.

"When keys are stolen, the owners should always have their locks changed immediately and if possible use a garage to store your vehicle."

The 'Hanoi' hit-list

1 Pocklington – 10

vehicles stolen

2 Beverley – 8

3 Howden – 8

4 Haltemprice 7

5 Hornsea – 7

6 Bridlington – 4

Withernsea is the only part of the East Riding not to experience any Hanoi burglaries so far this year

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