Bridlington boy is ‘an inspiration to us all’

Jordan Harrison, 12, with his commendation.
Jordan Harrison, 12, with his commendation.
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AN INSPIRATIONAL Bridlington Boys’ Brigade member has been rewarded for battling against a serious disability to raise hundreds for charity.

12-year-old Jordan Harrison, of North Street, was diagnosed with a slipped epithesis after he collapsed at Bridlington School last year.

The condition occurs when the hip joint does not fit properly in its socket and there is no cure other than a full hip replacement operation.

Because Jordan is continuing to grow, he would need the painful operation every year until adulthood so surgeons are hoping to wait until he turns 18.

Despite this, Jordan remains a committed and enthusiastic member of the Boys’ Brigade at Christ Church and he completed a 10-mile sponsored walk using crutches in aid of the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

His efforts for the charity and his bravery were rewarded by the club who recently presented him with a ‘Special President’s Award’ commendation.

A statement written on the certificate by the national president of the Boys’ Brigade, Lord Griffiths, describes Jordan as ‘an inspiration to us all’.

Mum Samantha said: “It was very emotional seeing Jordan get the award.

“He has been through so much but he’s such an enthusiastic, happy boy.

“He isn’t able to do all the things that other kids do, but he makes the most of things and he was determined to have a go at the 10-mile walk and organise fundraising activities despite having to rely a lot on his crutches.”

Samantha said that Jordan’s condition is all the more difficult because he has ambitions to join the Royal Navy Marines but his condition may hold him back.

“It is very difficult,” said Samantha. “He is a member of Bridlington School Combined Cadet Force and they accommodate him, which is great, but a future in the forces is less certain.

“It was hard when he was first diagnosed and spent time in hospital using a zimmerframe - you just don’t want to see your 11-year-old son on a zimmerframe.”

The day after Jordan received his award on Thursday, he had to be taken back to hospital and has been told that he will need to stay on his crutches again until at least August.

This has not deterred him from getting involved in another Boys’ Brigade walk for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance - and this time the distance has almost doubled to 20-miles from Bridlington to Horsea.

“Samantha said: “He is determined to do it. He knows the other boys will be doing it so he just keeps saying ‘so can I’.

“The whole family is just so proud of him.”

Jordan and his Boys’ Brigade friends will set off for the walk on July 7. Sponsorship forms are available at Bridlington’s Tesco for anybody who would like to support them.

l Turn to page 35 for the club report of the Boys’ Brigade presentation evening featuring details of the other award winners.