Bridlington becoming healthier

Jason Diprose of One Gym says Bridlington could be best for fitness
Jason Diprose of One Gym says Bridlington could be best for fitness

Bridlington is racing towards becoming the county’s capital for fitness, as more and more residents take up active lifestyles and hit the gym.

That’s according to fitness trainer Jason Diprose, who said the creation of new gyms in Bridlington, as well as the completion of town’s new leisure centre has encouraged people to take up healthier lifestyles.

He said: “I think Bridlington is a great place for fitness at the moment.

“The town has a lot of facilities – each offering something completely unique.”

Mr Diprose, of One Gym, on Bessingby Industrial Estate, believes events like the 2012 Olympics and the Tour De Yorkshire have inspired people to take up sport and fitness.

He added: “I think the budget gym model is a big movement, and has made fitness accessible for everyone.

“That connected with the Olympics. I have never seen so many people on the road, running and riding bikes.”

Jason’s mission to inspire others to take on healthy lifestyles stems from his own personal struggle with obesity.

At his worst, Jason weighed a dangerously unhealthy 21 stone.

He says his unhealthy lifestyle cost him his teenage years and turning him into a recluse.

But over 10 months, Jason shed 10 stone, and devoted his life to fitness and became a personal trainer.

He said he couldn’t be happier seeing more and more people in Bridlington begin to take fitness seriously.

“A lot has to be said for every single fitness facility, they are all doing a fantastic job.

“People might go to the new leisure centre because they want to go swimming or use the sauna.

“Or they might come to our facility because they want to concentrate on general fitness improvements.

“I lost 10 stone in 10 months. But I would not recommend it to anyone!”

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