Bride-to-be speaks of Bluebell ‘hell’

Bluebell at Burton Agnes NBFP PA1615-6b
Bluebell at Burton Agnes NBFP PA1615-6b

A Bridlington couple have spoken of their “nightmare” of having to rearrange their wedding only three weeks before the big day.

Viki Morritt, 34, and Paul Hopwood, 38, had booked the Bluebell Hotel in Burton Agnes for their wedding reception on May 7.

Viki and Paul has their wedding reception cancelled less than three weeks before the big day

Viki and Paul has their wedding reception cancelled less than three weeks before the big day

Instead of the couple experiencing the usual butterflies leading up to the big day, they had been close to cancelling it when they were told they could no longer hold the 
reception at the pub.

“The whole experience has been horrendous,” said Viki. “I did not sleep for two days afterwards with worry if we could find another venue. We were considering calling off the whole thing.”

The couple have lost £4,000 overall and have had to let their 120 guests know of the change of venue over the phone and social media.

“It has been really embarrassing,” said Viki. “To have to go on Facebook and message people the new details was horrible.”

The ordeal has come after the ownership of the Bluebell was transferred on April 15 with Alan Wilson, the director of the company who formerly owned the pub, stepping down.

Viki and Paul are one of 20 couples who have received their £500 deposit back from the Bluebell.

Mr Wilson has admitted his disappointment at having to cancel the wedding 
receptions and making his staff redundant with such short notice.

“I think it shows our integrity that the deposits have been repaid already to the couples involved as there was an air of concern there,” he said.

“Unfortunately, we have had to make the fantastic staff redundant with less than 48 hours’ notice and I wish them all the best for the future.”

Viki added: “The money we have had to pay is just ridiculous. We had saved the £4,000 to take our children to America which is just inexcusable. We have had to work hard to save that money and now we have to let our children down.

“We are due to move in together a few weeks after the wedding too so it has been a really stressful time. We are lucky that Sewerby Grange could host the reception with such short notice. I just don’t know how someone could do this to couples. They are playing with people’s lives and they weren’t very apologetic to us either. Local people such as ourselves have helped keep the business going over the years and this is how we are repaid.”

Mark Sanders, owner of Huge Holiday Homes, has purchased the Bluebell and has said he did not know anything about the wedding bookings until three weeks ago.

Viki now says she has no vision into what her wedding day will be like.

“The recent events have really overshadowed the excitement and it is not supposed to be like that with weeks to go,” she said. “We are however determined to have a great day and put this hell behind us.”