Brid writer’s UFO lecture at conference

Paul Sinclair is the author of Truth Proof.
Paul Sinclair is the author of Truth Proof.

Bridlington-based author and investigator of the strange and paranormal, Paul Sinclair, is to address a conference in Hull on Saturday 1 September.

He will speak during the Outer Limits magazine conference alongside a retired US Air force colonel who witnessed a UFO landing in a Suffolk forest over the Christmas period of 1980.

Paul is the author of a series of publications known as Truth Proof, which are devoted to the strange events surrounding the Flamborough headland, Bempton and Bridlington coast and country areas.

Joining Paul at the Freedom Centre is Col Charles Halt, the former deputy base commander of RAF Bentwaters, a NATO base leased to the US air force.

Tickets for the conference are now available at Hull Box Office and also at the Outer Limits Magazine website.