Brid team seeks help to get event rolling

The Bridlington Rock And Rollers roller derby team. (PA1314-12)
The Bridlington Rock And Rollers roller derby team. (PA1314-12)

A roller derby team is hoping to attract others from around the country to an event in Bridlington - but needs sponsorship to make it happen.

The Bridlington Rock and Rollers are hoping to arrange a bout at Bridlington Spa on October 19 and already have interest from teams in Oxford, Birmingham, Sheffield, Glasgow, Hull and York.

Coach Barry Peace says that venue hire and other costs are needed to stage the event - but thinks it is a great opportunity to bring more tourists in to the town.

He said: “We think that this could be the first of many events. It is a sport that is growing all the time and if it keeps on as it has, it will only get more popular here.

“It is an opportunity to get teams and spectators from across the country coming to the town at a time of year when it is usually getting quiet for guest houses, pubs and cafes after the season. We are already in talks with the Spa, but we need help to afford the venue hire and all the other expenses. Anyone that can help would have signs at the event and be part of something that we hope would only get bigger and better.”

The Rock and Rollers have only been in existence since September last year. They amalgamated with Bridlington’s other roller derby team, the Brid Brawler Babes, and already have 20-25 members - and that number is growing all the time.

Roller derby is a contact sport which involves two teams of five people on roller skates - who score points by designating a player to lap members of the opposing team. It’s popularity is growing worldwide, with talk of it being included as a future Olympic sport.

The Rock and Rollers’ coach, Donna Walker - known in the roller derby world as ‘Durable D’ encouraged new members interested in the sport, aged 18 or over, to go along and see if they like it.

“It is a fantastic sport which is growing in popularity. We have regular recruitment drives and we would love people to come along and get involved,” she said.

The team practice on Thursdays from 7pm-8pm, while more senior members also practice on Saturdays from 10am to 12 noon at Bridlington Sports Centre on Gypsey Road.

Anyone that wants to help sponsor the event should email or search ‘Bridlington Rock & Rollers’ on Facebook.