Brid teacher’s hitch hike to Croatia

Headlands School teacher Jonathan Hooper will be thumbing it across europe for charity. (PA1306-13)
Headlands School teacher Jonathan Hooper will be thumbing it across europe for charity. (PA1306-13)

A TEACHER at Bridlington’s Headlands School is planning to hitch hike to Croatia to raise funds for a charity helping improve access to education for youngsters in Africa.

Next month Jonathan Hooper, who teaches Information Technology, will embark on the 12-day challenge covering around 1,300 miles and a total of seven different countries.

The challenge is in aid of Link Community Development, a charity which works in countries in Africa to help remove obstacles to education.

Their work currently reaches more than 400 schools in Ethiopia, Ghana, Malawi, South African and Uganda.

Having worked in a school in Ghana himself, Mr Hooper is very motivated for the challenge.

“Having seen first-hand the quality of education in Ghana it is obvious to me that not enough is being done.

“An education is something which can be taken for granted but something which I believe everyone should be entitled to,” he said.

“I’m hoping that by doing the hitch I will raise awareness not just in school but on a much wider scale and encourage people to put some money to a much worthy cause.”

Volunteers from all years of the school have put themselves forward to help Mr Hooper achieve his target of £1,000 with various fund-raising ideas already being put into action.

Mr Hooper said: “We are going to be selling badges designed by the students with little cartoon drawings of me on them, bag packing and a whole bunch of other fund raising activities leading up to Easter.

“Once again I have been really impressed by the good nature of the students and their willing enthusiasm for the cause.”

The event, which gets underway on March 23, itself is run by Link Community Development and has various safety procedures to minimise risk during the hitch.

Mr Hooper said: “I’ve never hitch hiked before but I think it will be an interesting experience. The tracking and safety procedures that have been implemented by Link Community Development have been very reassuring.

“I’m just really hoping I can make it there before my flight home.”