Brid student’s starter for ten

Fred Harvey
Fred Harvey

A student from Bridlington impressed audiences across the nation when he appeared on the BBC’s University Challenge this week.

Fred Harvey, who is reading physics, captained the team from Durham University who won a place in the next round by beating a team from Brasenose College, Oxford.

The Durham team’s winning score on the Monday night show was a staggering 250 points to 35.

Question master Jeremy Paxman described it as “a terrific score,” but earlier in the show Harvey had been left red-faced after being berated by Paxman for getting The Falkland Islands mixed up with Gibraltar when answering a question about British overseas territories.

However the team showed the power of their brains by correctly answering questions on subjects ranging from opera to primates to British train stations, to who invented the vaccine for polio.

None of them had any knowledge, however, of polities which are wholly or partially unrecognised by other states.

Paxman asked the Oxford team: “What happened to you?”

Durham University is one of Britain’s oldest universities, along with Oxford and Cambridge, and has around 16,000 students.