Brid says farewell to Canon Grant

Canon David Grant is moving to Beverley
Canon David Grant is moving to Beverley

A respected priest is off to new pastures elsewhere in the East Riding following a decade of service to his Bridlington congregation.

Canon David Grant, 57, is moving to Beverley to take over as Parish Priest, following 10 years of work at Our Lady and St Pater’s Catholic Church in Victoria Road.

A native of Hull, Canon Grant studied theology at the University of Durhum before being made a priest in 1982.

“I enjoyed Bridlington very much,” he said,

“I was based in Beverley as an assistant priest and I remember some of the older members of the congregation.

“Some of them I have kept in touch with since.”

Canon Grant added that he plans to work with other churches throughout Beverley and said he will contact Beverley Minster.

“I know Jeremy Fletcher at Beverley Minster and I think think the different churches in Beverley should work together.

“I will be delighted to see anyone I knew in the post who wants to reaquante themselves with me and hopefully we will do our best as a parish community in the future.”

Canon Grant continues in his role as director of ongoing formation for the Clergy and Chair of the Retired Priest’ Welfare Committee.

The new Catholic Priest in Bridlington will be Father 
Simon Leworthy.

Father Leworthy was born in West Yorkshire, he has returned to his home county after spending most of his priestly ministry working in abroad in Australia.