Brid’s pirate ship becomes a love boat!

Michael and Gail Blair on board Bridlington's pirate ship.
Michael and Gail Blair on board Bridlington's pirate ship.

PLUNGING into the North Sea on a pirate ship to celebrate renewing wedding vows may not float everyone’s boat - but for one couple it was the perfect expression of love.

Gail and Michael Blair, 35 and 42, renewed their wedding vows at Bridlington Town Hall, Quay Road, on Monday October 22, before setting sail in a pirate ship from Bridlington Harbour.

Despite the mist and choppy waters making the occasion more Pirates of the Caribbean than dream-boat, the party had a great adventure, with husband and wife accompanied by family and friends.

The couple, who visit Bridlington on holiday at least twice a year, decided to renew their wedding vows after Michael was told he would undergo a high-risk operation to remove tumours growing on his spine.

Michael, who also suffers with chest tumours, said: “I wanted to do this to say if anything happens to me I still love you. Basically if this operation goes wrong I will be up there looking after you.”

Gail said: “I just love him and I am glad to be here today. My mum is a bit worried because she has never been on the boat. We just love this area.”

The couple met when they were both living in Beeston, Nottinghamshire and have been married for 16 years. They have a son and daughter aged 15 and 16.