Brid’s hotter than the Med!

Bridlington in the Spring Sunshine'PA1112-4c
Bridlington in the Spring Sunshine'PA1112-4c

BLUE sky Brid!

There was no need to jet off for a foreign holiday last week as Bridlington was blazing, with blue skies and soaring temperatures seeing people venturing out of the house and enjoying the unseasonably warm weather.

Peter Davison, President of the Guest House Association hopes the warm weather can continue.

“We have had a really good weekend, definitely up for this time of year, and that is down to the nice weather,” said Peter, who believes this was replicated around the town.

“Everything is better when the sun shines, and it definitely brings the tourists out!

“We have had some cyclists stay who have came all the way across from Morecambe on the new cycle path, and it’s the third time we’ve had guests who have done that, so the sunny weather and the rest certainly did them some good.”

Temperatures in April often struggle to get above 12C, but a waft of warm air, following an exceptionally dry March, pushed East Yorkshire temperatures higher than popular holiday hotspots Barcelona, Crete, Ibiza and Cyprus.

This saw committed pleasure-seekers take the plunge and go swimming in the sea, packing out the beaches.

Maria Marshall, of the Harbour Cafe on the South Pier, said: “We were definitely busier than usual and it was a great weekend, bring on the sun!

“Everyone we’ve had in has been in a good mood and that’s what the sun does to you.

“The beaches were packed with people and some of them even went in the sea, but it’s still too cold for that I think.”

Bridlington baked at 21 degrees centigrade on Wednesday last week, the hottest of the year so far, and the trend continued throughout the weekend.

Bridlington reached 18 degrees on Friday last week, then averaged 11 degrees on Saturday and Sunday - with the feeling of early summer helped by the day-long sunshine and cloudless skies.

Unfortunately, with luck typical of a usual British summer, the weather turned on Monday with clouds, high winds and rain showers forcing us all to put away our shorts, flip flops and barbecues and wait for the sun to reappear.

Which it might do this weekend, with forecasts of sunshine and temperatures getting up to around 14 degrees.