BRID’S FUTURE PLANS: ‘We’ve never been closer to getting a marina’

John Lister, head of the town's Renaissance Team, with the Bridlington proposals. Picture Richard Ponter 123514
John Lister, head of the town's Renaissance Team, with the Bridlington proposals. Picture Richard Ponter 123514

THE HEAD of Bridlington’s Renaissance Team has said that Bridlington has ‘never been closer to getting a marina’ after a planning inspector ruled the town’s Area Action Plan to be sound.

But John Lister, head of the Renaissance Team, has said that he is ‘disappointed’ that inspector Sian Worden has decided to remove proposals to develop the harbour top from the Burlington Parade retail development.

However, Mr Lister said that “99% of what we could have done on the harbour top can be done within the marina policy at a later date.”

He said: “I am quite happy with the way the plan has turned out, now we can look forward to doing what is needed to improve Bridlington. We will now put the AAP before full council to be adopted, and then look at planning applications and funding.

“It is a shame that we could not reach an agreement over the harbour top development, we were in discussions with the Harbour Commissioners but unfortunately those negotiations ended. The inspector appreciates that we have negotiated extensively with interests in the harbour, but given that there’s the possibility that we don’t reach an agreement, it could have put at risk the whole of the development of the Burlington Parade. That part delivers the real benefits and jobs to Bridlington.

“We are now closer than we ever have been to a marina in Bridlington, and with that included in the plan we can give town centre developers some confidence that something is going to happen at the harbour.

“As soon as the AAP is adopted, we will be looking for funding for a marina.”

Councillor Stephen Parnaby OBE, Leader of the Council, said: “This is the news that Bridlington has been waiting for. The council can now really progress Bridlington’s transformation to a more prosperous future.

“Bridlington has been in long-term decline for many years and there needs to be both a robust plan and our collective unrelenting commitment for the regeneration of the town.

“The country may be in a recession now but it is absolutely vital to have these detailed plans in place to be in the best position possible to attract development opportunities when the economy picks up.”

Keith Kaye, chair of the Bridlington Renaissance Partnership, said: “This is great news for Bridlington - a real chance to move the town into the 21st Century.

“As the new chairman of the Bridlington Renaissance Partnership, I acknowledge the hard work of the Renaissance Team to date and look forward to working with all our partners in the community to deliver our vision of a town that is truly a great place to live - visitors welcome.”