BRID’S FUTURE PLANS: Mayor ‘relieved’ as harbour plans removed

Bridlington Mayor Coun Michael Charlesworth
Bridlington Mayor Coun Michael Charlesworth

THE MAYOR of Bridlington has welcomed the planning inspector’s decision to stop development of the harbour top - but is still concerned by elements of her report.

Coun Michael Charlesworth, of Bridlington Town Council, spoke out against the development of the harbour top, the position of the seafront funfair and traffic concerns at the two public hearings into the AAP in December 2011 and May this year.

And while the council is “relieved” the inspector has safeguarded the harbour from development, they believe more could have been done to address weaknesses in the AAP - especially by recommending that the funfair on Royal Princess Parade be moved out of the town, a position long held by the town council.

Coun Charlesworth said: “The council is disappointed that the inspector has not absorbed most of its valid logical arguments presented at the inquiry.

“It is relieved that the gross over-development proposal for the harbour top has been removed from the Burlington Parade scheme.

“Any development of the Harbour/Marina should be treated as a unit.

“It is noted that the inspector has concluded that the site of the seafront funfair takes up a significant area, without needing to be there or making the most of its valuable position, and suggests it be relocated away from the central seafront.

“It’s a matter of some concern, that with the closure of Hilderthorpe Road coach park, the inspector proposes that coaches could drop off and pick up in the town, ignoring any resultant congestion.

“This AAP has taken almost 10 years to prepare and is projected to take 15 years to implement, assuming finance is available.

“Regeneration will be painfully slow.”