Brid Priory features in new book

Author Murray Naylor.
Author Murray Naylor.

Bridlington Priory is highlighted in a new book written by a Yorkshire-based author.

Author Murray Naylor has long been fascinated by railways, but in recent years he has also cultivated a parallel interest in some of Britain’s medieval churches.

England's Historic Churches by Train.

England's Historic Churches by Train.

He has now published his latest book ‘England’s Historic Churches by Train’.

The publication focuses on 32 ancient churches in Egnland, including an entire chapter on those in East Yorkshire and in particular Bridlington Priory.

The book unveils the history of The Priory, identifying aspects that a person might overlook during a visit.

The 240 book is published by Pen and Sword Books Ltd is now on sale at £25.

Kate Bamforth, marketing executive and Pen and Sword Books, said: “This book is a reminder of how rich and varied the history of our country can be.

“It is the perfect read for anyone with an interest in medieval churches, anyone looking to explore fascinating places in England, or even just those who want an excuse to take a great train journey.

“Packed with photographs and written by an author with passion for the subject, you could even use this book to explore England and its history from the comfort of your own armchair.”

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