Brid mayor: Tesco pulling out is ‘a good thing’

Bridlington Mayor Coun Michael Charlesworth.
Bridlington Mayor Coun Michael Charlesworth.

Bridlington’s Mayor believes that Tesco pulling out of plans to develop a new store was a good thing for the town.

Mayor Coun Michael Charlesworth said that he and Bridlington Town Council had opposed the plan since it was first announced.

He said: “We have objected since the start because we didn’t think it was a good idea to let Tesco get even bigger, what have happened to other businesses?

“It was one of the three original ‘anchors’ that East Riding spoke about in the Area Action Plan. The harbour was another ‘anchor’ and that has already been removed, so it seems as though the plan is adrift.”

Coun Charlesworth said he and the Town Council believes that regeneration would start if King Street was reopened to traffic, Prince Street was used as the site of a new town square, and the fair was moved from the north promenade with the area being used for restaurants, shops and a bandstand on Garrison Square - as well as a town centre multi-storey car park, either on Beck Hill or at the coach park.

Town councillor Malcolm Milns said: “This part of the AAP was a waste of years of time and money on something that seemed a daft idea to begin with. Why demolish a recently refurbished Tesco and build a new one on a coach park that in my opinion, is still much needed in the town centre.”

Fellow town councillor Cyril Marsburg said: “I am very disappointed as will the people of Bridlington be. This should have been tied up years ago, so that the East Riding could get on with what they have proposed. I was rather surprised that they wanted to move in the first place.”