Brid man rewrites Bible

John Evans has written his own version of the Bible'NBFP PA1330-13
John Evans has written his own version of the Bible'NBFP PA1330-13

Retirement for many signifies a time to pursue a hobby, travel or spend time with family.

But for John Evans, 61, retirement was the perfect opportunity for him to rewrite the Bible.

“It is something that as always been at the back of my mind for a long time,” said Mr Evans, of St James Road, Bridlington.

His first published work - The Unauthorised Bible: A Universal Scripture, contains four volumes which are a re-working of many of the world’s major religious texts.

Each volume focuses on different problems faced by humans, and seeks to update ancient religious texts including making them compatible with modern science and social conventions.

Mr Evans, who used to work as a church warden and teacher, said: “What I have ended up with is I have written something that either makes me a complete lunatic or a visionary - I do not know.

“I tried reading the Bible and I always ground to a halt. There is an awful lot of repetition in it, such as the Prophets.

“I went through and chucked out what I thought was all the tedious stuff. The Prophets are still there but instead of 60 chapters of Isaiah for example it is now down to about 20.

“I hope it is something people can read with pleasure. It could disappear or I could end up with a fatwa on my head from every religion in the world.”

The book has taken Mr Evans, who is a theist, six-years to complete, and he says his target audience is liberal people.

The Unauthorised Bible is on sale online, from Amazon and other sites. For more information visit