Brid man jailed for bomb hoax

'Stupid' Daniel Butler pleaded guilty to making the hoax calls at Beverley Magistrates' Court earlier this month
'Stupid' Daniel Butler pleaded guilty to making the hoax calls at Beverley Magistrates' Court earlier this month

A Bridlington man who shouted 'Allahu Akbar' at counter terrorism police has been jailed for threatening to blow up Bridlington's Tesco store.

Daniel J Butler, 21, had drunk three litres of cider and when stood outside the Bridlington supermarket he saw an anti-terrorist hotline advertised on a poster.

In front of two Tesco staff and two mates, Butler rang the hotline number making four calls interrupted by laughter.

At one stage he shouted Allahu Akbar in a Middle Eastern voice before the operator put the phone down on him. He was caught because he used his grandmother’s mobile phone.

Despite overwhelming evidence he still tried to blame a mate to get out of it

In his first call at 9.15pm on February 3 he said: “There is a bomb in Tesco!” The officer asked how he knew. He said: “I can see it. There is a man going to bomb us all!” She could hear him laughing. She asked him to hold the call, but he hung up. He made a further call at 9.30pm. She noted the telephone number.

He called again and said: “We are going to bomb Brid Tescos!” The officer also noted she could hear laughter, not just from him.

He called the officer a racist and repeated the phrase Allahu Akbar! – God is the greatest! The officer terminated the call.

There were then two further calls saying “I am going to put the bomb in the beer aisle at Tesco so it burns quicker! It’s going to explode!”

Staff outside on a cigarette break did not believe he was serious and did not think he was even on the telephone during the 15 minutes.

The police entered the store at 10.30pm and advised staff there had been a call and arrested Butler on his way to his grandparent's home before midnight.

Butler of Trentham Close, Bridlington, pleaded guilty to one charge of making a false bomb call and once charge of criminal damage and appeared at Hull Crown Court for sentence (Feb 26).

The court heard he had 43 previous convictions largely over two years which included arson. The maximum sentence for a bomb hoax is seven years.

Defence barrister Stephen Robinson said: “I concede he has been a complete idiot. This was a matter of crass stupidity, committed in drink.

"The hoax was never taken seriously and there was laughter and joining in by others, in the background.

"There were silly phrases and silly voices. One call handler actually ended the call.”

He said he had caused the £440-worth of criminal damage to a police tag which he cut off his leg and left on his grandmother’s kitchen work top.

Sentencing Judge Kate Buckingham said: “You were laughing and joking. The log recorded the police had to waste their time having to check the store. Fortunately they did not have to make efforts to evacuate to check out the call.

“There has to be a deterrent sentence. You are not a man of good character. I can see there is genuine remorse and no doubt you have had time to reflect on how irresponsible and immature your conduct was, despite the fact you are 21 years of age.”

She jailed him for eight months.