Brid is ‘on dawn of new era’

David Dowson
David Dowson

A leading businessman said Bridlington is on the up thanks to the announcement two large hotels will be built in the town.

David Dowson, of Lloyd Dowson Chartered Accountants, said additional plans to “modernise and improve the harbour and its commercial operations” will usher in a new era of prosperity for Bridlington.

Mr Dowson, who is also chairman of Bridlington Business Forum, added: “Uncertainty over the effect the Premier Inns investments have largely been illuminated by reassurances from the Scarborough Hotels Association, who have confirmed the positive effect Premier Inns had in Scarborough when they came to their town a few years ago.

“The investment created a bigger tourism cake, jobs and wealth for all to share. Their advice is to embrace is to embrace the opportunity and work with the new hotels.”

Mr Dowson also thinks Bridlington will benefit from Hull’s City of Culture celebrations in 2017, by providing “confirmed potential extra trade.”

“All the high street banks have confirmed their support for any viable tourism projects in the Bridlington area,” he added.

“The progress around the town is there for all to see and we must, as a town, embrace the opportunities and go forward together.”

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