Brid enjoys ‘best Bank Holiday in years’

A packed North Beach in Bridlington on May Day Bank Holiday Monday. (PA1319-3k)
A packed North Beach in Bridlington on May Day Bank Holiday Monday. (PA1319-3k)

Bridlington enjoyed a bumper May Day Bank Holiday as the sunshine brought visitors flooding into the town.

With temperatures reaching 18.7 degrees Celsius, the town was bursting at the seams with happy holidaymakers enjoying the warm spring weather.

Everyone involved in the tourism industry agreed that it was the best Bank Holiday that the town has had for many years, and was especially welcome after the abysmal Easter weekend.

Bob Hillery, President of the Bridlington Tourism Association, said: “It was absolutely stupendous, and the whole town has benefitted.

“It’s always the same story, if the weather is good, the town flourishes.

“There’s nothing like being by the sea. The town was absolutely heaving.

“The traffic was a bit of a problem, but everything else was wonderful.

“It’s a pity there’s so much negativity in the town, with people talking it down when we should all be singing its praises. I can’t remember when the town was last so busy.

“The seafront was heaving, the beaches were crowded, people were swimming in the sea.

“And on top of all the great things the town has to offer now, there are all sorts of plans for the future. It’s going to be the resort to come to.”

Bridlington businessman Louis Harrison, who owns several businesses including Bay View Amusements, the Pavilion Bar and Jerome’s Ice-Cream Parlour, said: “It was absolutely fantastic, the best Bank Holiday we’ve had in about seven years.

“The sun was shining, everyone was happy, everyone had a smile on their face - and we sold lots and lots of ice-cream!

“Bridlington businesses have suffered over the past few years, so let’s hope this is just the beginning of a great summer.”

Council-run facilities were massively popular, too: South Cliff Caravan Park was fully booked for both the hire vans and the touring pitches; all the holiday cottages were full; and more than 2,500 people visited Sewerby Hall and Gardens.

There were very few empty spaces in the Park and Ride on Saturday, and on Sunday and Monday all 1,000 spaces were full.

Sunday’s Craft Fair attracted hundreds of people, and the Spa and the Clock Tower Tea Rooms both had extremely busy weekends.

Coun Jane Evison, portfolio holder for tourism at East Riding of Yorkshire Council, said: “The bank holiday weekend was a great success for our area’s tourist industry and was made all the better by the glorious weather.

“Tourism plays a vital role in the local economy, valued at £615 million a year and supporting 15,000 jobs, and this weekend has really started the season off in a positive way and hopefully will be a sign of things to come for the summer.”

At 18.7 degrees Celsius Sunday was the warmest day. Helen Chivers of the Met Office explained: “The highest temperatures recorded for Bridlington were 16.3 degrees on Saturday, 18.7 on Sunday, and 13.5 on Monday.

“Monday was cooler because of the wind coming off the sea.”

Bridlington wasn’t the only place to have a great weekend.

The combination of nesting seabirds and glorious sunshine brought waves of visitors to the RSPB reserve at Bempton Cliffs, whilst Leconfield, away from sea breezes, touched 21.7 degrees Celsius at its weekend peak – only half a degree below the country’s hottest place, London.