Brid coastguard locate missing person

The missing person was located at Ulrome beach
The missing person was located at Ulrome beach

A joint operation between Bridlington Coastguard and police has located a person who went missing along a beach last night.

The Coastguard helicopter was called to assist Humberside Police to search for a missing person between Bridlington South and Barmston Holiday Camp at around 11.30 pm.

A Coastguard spokesman said: "The helicopter did a swift sweep of the beach and cliff tops with nothing found."

The Coastguard helicopter continued their search in Bridlington while the police helicopter went further south towards Hornsea.

The spokesman added: "A person was spotted by HO99 [police helicopter] on the beach by Ulrome and tasked a patrol car to investigate."

The missing person was eventually picked up by police near Skipsea.