Brid bodybuilder fights back to win national place

Scott Eccles with his trophy.
Scott Eccles with his trophy.

A BODYBUILDER who doctors said would never lift weights again has gone on to become a finalist in a national competition.

Scot Eccles, 39, of Carnaby, snapped a tendon in his left arm whilst weight training in July 2011 and underwent surgery to reattach the tendon to the bone, leaving him with two titanium pins in his arm.

On Saturday October 13, Scot travelled to Doncaster to compete against eight others in the National Amateur Bodybuilders Association’s Central England competition, and finished third, giving him automatic entry into the USN Novice Finals to be held on November 18.

Scot, who owns Powerhouse Gym, Pinfold Lane, Bridlington, said: “They said I would never lift weights again, but I’m not one for giving up.

“I just stuck at it and became stronger and stronger, and here I am now.

“I have lost one centimetre off my bicep because of the injury. It is actually stronger than it was before now.

“I was in a very strong line up, some of the lads that were in my line up had done six or seven competitions before.

“I have got quite a lot of good guys who have helped me along my way.

“I am not going there for the experience, basically I am going to go there and try and win it because that is the mindset you need to have.”

Scot’s daily routine begins with cardio training, followed by weight lifting, and includes a strict diet to help him build strength.

Friend and training companion, Tony Murtagh, 45, of Bridlington, said: “I have helped him structure his diet and just worked closely with him.

“At the end of the day he has done it himself and he did well, and we all hope that he is going to improve and do well.

“There is a saying in the sport that you are not a bodybuilder until you have competed. The diet is very strict, he has dieted for 16 weeks. It becomes a bit of a science.”

Tony, who has known Scot since he was 18 and trained with him before his own competitions in 1998 and 1999, said Scot was at 5% body fat before the Doncaster competition.

Scot will compete at Brierly Civic Hall in the West Midlands on Sunday November 18.