Brid blunder gives quiz a lot to answer for

Flamborough Head
Flamborough Head

Everyone knows the rules when it comes to puz quizzes

Rule one: The quizmaster is always right

The Daily Telegraph quiz

The Daily Telegraph quiz

Rule two: If the quizmaster is wrong, see rule one.

But local councillors have questioned one glaring mistake, although it wasn’t in an actual boozer in Bridlington.

In the Daily Telegraph’s Pub Quiz, question three asked: “In which county of England does Flamborough Head overlook the resort of Bridlington?”

Question setter Gavin Fuller gives the answer as North Yorkshire, which councillors have said is an ‘awful gaffe’.

Cllr Jane Evison, cabinet portfolio holder for economic investment and tourism at East Riding of Yorkshire Council, said: “It is clear that whoever composes The Telegraph’s quiz doesn’t come from the North of England.

“But rest assured we will be contacting The Telegraph to help them with their geography and take this opportunity of sending them some pictures of Flamborough and Bridlington and a bit of information about the important shell fishing industry in this area.

“Who knows, they might be able to use it in a future crossword.

“Well done to Cllr Richard Harrap for pointing this awful gaffe out to us.”