Brid author releases his first novel

Terry Edwards'Book Author'PA1140-2
Terry Edwards'Book Author'PA1140-2

AN author from Bridlington has just released his first novel - and has already started work on follow up titles.

Terry Edwards, of Georgian Mews, released ‘Spheres of Deception’ last month, a psychological thriller which follows a couple and their run-ins with international security agencies.

And Terry, 72, who runs a consultancy firm, said that writing “was enormous fun” and “completely different to day-to-day work.”

He added: “The feedback about the book so far has been very good, in fact people have said that it would make an excellent screenplay for a film.

“I hope to continue writing, in fact I have got a non-fiction book about the current economic problems lined up which I was thinking of calling ‘Money Mania’.”

“Then I have another two novels in mind, one which I have given the title of ‘Cloud Cuckoo Park’ and another I’m thinking of calling ‘The Duchess of Crazfield’, which is about the dangers of alcohol.

“I am lucky that I have a video photographic memory, but the challenge is to bring the characters to life for the readers and build the picture in their mind.”

Spheres of Deception can be bought online at Amazon, and can be found by searching the title on Google.

Terry, who is originally from Caterham, south of London, has lived in Bridlington for around nine years. He said that he would have been unable to write the novel without the “incredible support” of his wife Patricia.