Brexit deal still to be finalised

A final plan for Brexit has yet to be decided.
A final plan for Brexit has yet to be decided.

Your correspondent in last week’s paper (David Dunk) who accused me of ‘Brexit Betrayal’ appears to be confused about the Parliamentary procedure.

He refers to the Government’s ‘Chequer’s’ proposal, as if it was part of the final agreement of Britain’s withdrawal from the EU. It is not and it has not yet been approved by Parliament.

In short, nothing has yet been finalised and Parliament has not, at this juncture, been asked to approve any terms of a final deal.

Thus, I have not broken any promise as Mr Dunk mistakenly assumes.

It may well be that in due course Mr Dunk might find himself dissatisfied with the final outcome of the EU negotiations and if he does, then he is quite entitled to criticise me for how I vote at that time, but to do so before a vote on a final exit plan has even been scheduled, let alone taken place, is rather presumptuous.

Like the majority of Britons, I voted to leave the European Union and, when the time comes, I expect to continue to support that position.

Sir Greg Knight MP
House of Commons