Brave Isabel still defying doctors

Isabel Annakin celebrating her eighth birthday two years ago
Isabel Annakin celebrating her eighth birthday two years ago

A brave youngster living with a devastating, terminal illness will celebrate her tenth birthday as she continues to defy doctors.

Courageous Isabel Annakin has suffered with metachromatic leukodystrophy since she was diagnosed in 2008.

Her committed father Neil Annakin, of Cleeton Way, has stayed by his daughter’s side over the years - serving as her only carer.

He said: “It makes you realise what matters in life. When she was first diagnosed the consultant said there is nothing out there to help, and I should enjoy the time I have with my daughter.”

Isabel’s heartbreaking condition means she is unable to speak, walk or even swallow food herself.

Metachromatic leukodystrophy affects the growth and or development of myelin, the fatty covering which acts as an insulator around nerve fibres throughout the body.

However Neil managed to find an alternative medicine in America which helps with Isabel’s muscle spasms.

Because there is no cure for the disease, every birthday serves as another cherished milestone for Isabel and Neil.

To mark her tenth birthday, Neil is planning to hold a special celebration at the Ransdale Hotel on May 6.

And Scarborough children’s entertainer Magic Mike will also be in attendance to bring some laughter to the party.

Proud dad Neil added: “A lot of people from Isabel’s school are coming. School is stimulating for her and keeps her going.”