Brave duo parachute for charity

Tom Keeping and Linda Dodgson doing a parachute jump for Charity'NBFP PA1328-20
Tom Keeping and Linda Dodgson doing a parachute jump for Charity'NBFP PA1328-20

A grandmother and her grandson who have both suffered from cancer took to the skies for a sponsored parachute jump.

Tom Keeping, 22, of Bempton Oval, Bridlington and Linda Dodgson, 66, of Leys Road, Bridlington were diagnosed with the disease within a week of each other.

The brave duo jumped from a plane at Grindale, parachuting back to earth where friends and family were ready to celebrate their daring.

Linda, who underwent a 14-hour operation at the York Hospital after being diagnosed with mouth cancer in November last year, said: “I have always wanted to do a parachute jump. I have just wanted to be up there and floating.

“I think Tom is brilliant, we have always been close and he is my eldest grandson. We both got diagnosed in the same week. He was in the Leeds Hospital and I was in York. We have got a closer bond now.

“We are both very positive people and we look on the positive side.”

Tom, who suffers from a sarcoma in his abdomen, is fundraising for Cancer Research UK while his grandmother is raising money for the Maxillofacial Surgery at the York Hospital where she received treatment.

“I just wanted to support my grandma,” said Tom, who works as an electrician.

He said: “You don’t realise how much the research into cancer is needed until you get something like that.”

The family team have already raised £1,500 and can still be sponsored through visiting their Facebook pages.

Mick Dodgson, 65, Linda’s husband, said: “I think they are absolutely marvellous the pair of them. I was in the fire service for 25-years but I wouldn’t do anything like what they did. I am very proud of my wife and Tom is great - he has smiled through it all.”

Tom and Linda parachuted for charity on Sunday 14 July. For more information about Cancer Research UK visit