Brave Charlie is raising funds to say thanks to charity

Charlie Rycroft fundraising raising money for Microtia UK.
Charlie Rycroft fundraising raising money for Microtia UK.

When mother and son team, Tina and Charlie Rycroft, set their fundraising target they never expected such an overwhelming response.

Setting up their Just Giving Page last month, the duo hoped to hit the £1,000 mark in one year.

But within a month they have received a wave of support and more than £700 and an array of fabulous prizes have been donated already.

From hotel stays and pantomime tickets to gift hampers and meals, business in Bridlington have got behind the youngster.

Cheeky six-year-old Charlie was born with Microtia which affects his ear and jaw bone.

The small charity, Microtia UK, were crucial in giving the whole family support so Charlie asked if he could do something to help them.

Charlie 6, Tina (mum) Reuben 4, Harvey 9 'The Rycroft Family

Charlie 6, Tina (mum) Reuben 4, Harvey 9 'The Rycroft Family

Mum Tina Rycroft said: “Charlie was born in 2011. We had no idea that anything was different and then he was born with microtia where it affects the look of his ear, his jaw and his teeth.

“At first I had a hard time bonding with him and people would stare at his ear.

“He’s six now and he is just so proud of who he is. He really wants to try and raise money. We started with little bits in 2015 and it has just grown.”

The mum-of-four set up a Facebook page to tell Charlie’s story which initially started with 70 members built up of friends and family.

She contacted business in Bridlington and asked for their support and has received an array of prizes from hotel stays to show tickets.

These have been placed in online raffle draws for members to be in with a chance of winning the prizes.

She said: “I’m just really surprised and overwhelmed that people are so interested and have been taking part.”

Charlie, who attends New Pasture Lane Primary School, has been helping draw the numbers but has been asking what more he can do to help.

The mother and son team are now looking at doing a sponsored walk or fun run in the summer.

Tina added: “Charlie is comical, he’s a little character . Everyone loves him and everyone warms to him. He has lots of friends and thankfully he’s never been bullied at school.”

Last year, Charlie had an operation on his skull so he can wear his hearing aid without a band. Tina said the cheeky youngster now thinks he’s magic and likes sticking keys and other metal objects to the magnet in his head.

The 29-year-old mum said: “It was down to Microtia UK that Charlie tried his first hearing aid. Charlie can hear in his right ear and I was never told that he would qualify for a hearing aid. We were at an event when he first tried one and his face lit up. From then I fought to get him one.

“They have a Facebook page where you can speak with others and they have a guide to help parents cope when their baby is born.

“I hid his ear for the first two months and I kept pictures from social media.

“When we’re out I see people nudging each other and pointing but Charlie is oblivious.

“His first year was tough because we had no idea what was wrong and what the future held. Would he be able to hear me?

“A bit later he had a hearing test and the hole is too small, that’s when they first used the term Microtia and confirmed what I’d read online was right.”

So far £729 has been donated to the page with more donations coming in quickly. To keep up to date with raffle prizes search for Charlie’s fundraising page on Facebook or visit click here