Brave Brid fund-raiser’s bus journey for charity

Aaron Hollingsworth
Aaron Hollingsworth

AFTER travelling nearly 500 miles on 11 buses a brain tumour sufferer has raised £300 for charity.

Aaron Hollingsworth, 30, who spent 15 years in Bridlington and went to school in the area, travelled from his home in Ayr, Scotland, to Scarborough on Thursday 6 September.

He undertook the journey alone, and returned home on Tuesday 11 September after a 14 hour return trip.

Mr Hollingsworth, who had his first operation to remove a brain tumour aged three, is raising money for Brain Tumour UK.

He said: “Basically I want brain tumours to be a thing of the past and I do not want anyone to suffer like I have really suffered.

“My stability is getting worse and I am having more physio now, I thought at a good stage I will just risk it and set myself the challenge.”

Mr Hollingsworth was given a free packed lunch for his return journey by Bridlington Tesco as he stopped in the town to visit familiy.

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