Boxer pleads guilty to child sex offences

A teenage boxer has admitted a string of sexual offences against an underage girl '“ six months after his father was jailed for 12 months for inciting the same girl to perform sex acts.

Tuesday, 19th January 2016, 2:14 pm
Updated Tuesday, 19th January 2016, 3:19 pm
Teenager Tom Hebden has pleaded guilty to a string of sex offences against underage girls

Boxing coach Graham Hebden, 49, bombarded the girl with messages that she was “fit,” “he loved her,” and recommended she “go on the pill.” He was jailed at Hull Crown Court in June 2015 for grooming her.

Now his son Tom Arthur Hebden, 19, has pleaded guilty to six sexual offences against the same girl and admitted nine other sexual offences against two other underage girls he courted on Snapchat and by mobile messages.

While his father has been released early from prison, his son was told by a judge all options were open for his sentence - including custody. The Crown dropped a case where Hebden jnr was accused of pinning a girl against a wall attempting to kiss her.

It comes after Tom Hebden's father Graham Hebden was jailed last June for grooming the same underage girl

Hebden Jnr, of West End, Ulrome, near Driffield, pleaded guilty to 12 charges of engaging in sexual activity with a child, two charges of causing a child to engage and one charge of engaging in sexual activity in the presence of a child on a bus trip to Leeds..

Hebden pleaded guilty on the eve of a trial (Tuesday January 19) at Hull Crown Court.

Hebden senior, a married father of two, had groomed the girl over 10-months telling her about his sex life. He accepted in police interview that he had attended a child protection course, but forgotten what that taught him. He admitted “he over stepped the mark”.

Hebden jnr initially appeared at court in September denying all charges against three girls. His family spent two days at court with Hebden as his barrister negotiated with lawyers and the victims.

It comes after Tom Hebden's father Graham Hebden was jailed last June for grooming the same underage girl

After being summoned into court, Crown barrister Charlotte Baines said: “We have reached a resolution in this case and there is no need for a trial to be relisted. He now faces 15 counts on a new inditement I have drafted. It reflects the old allegations, except one minor allegation of pinning a girl against the wall and attempting to kiss her. There was no public interest in pursuing that allegation, in the broad scheme of things. There are no allegations involving lack of consent. “

Defence barrister Paul Genney told the judge: “I know you will get the drift of the case. They are all children. They are all under age. Can I have a report. He has just turned 19. The court might need a bit of back ground before he is sentenced. He has been on bail for a considerable period of time and there are no problems.

Judge Simon Jack ordered Hebden to stand as he told him: “You have now pleaded guilty. I am going to adjourn sentence for a pre-sentence report so the judge who will sentence you has the best possible information. I say now all sentencing options will be open. You will be back on February 19 for sentence. Until then you are free to go.”

Hebden Jnr refused to comment while leaving court. When asked by a reporter if he had any remorse for his victims he said: “I have nothing to say.” His father was not at court to exercise his parental guidance.