Bomb squad called to Sewerby Hall

Sewerby Hall
Sewerby Hall

Visitors had to be evacuated from Sewerby Hall and Gardens last Wednesday whilst the bomb squad dealt with some old explosive devices –although early reports that an unexploded bomb had been discovered in the gardens proved unfounded.

A number of rocket pistol cartridges and a marine flare were found during removal of the National Coastguard collection from the hall.

The EOD (Explosives and Ordnance Division) was called out to offer advice and deal with the items, arriving on site shortly after midday.

Because of the condition of two small cartridges it was decided they should be destroyed in a controlled explosion at a site on the edge of the event area.

The remaining items all proved to be safe, but as the Coastguard Agency felt it had no use for them, it was agreed the bomb squad would take them for disposal.

The entire exercise was accomplished in about 45 minutes, and the rest of the Coastguard collection is now on its way to Southampton.