‘Bomb’ call-out

IS IT a bomb, is it a mine – no it’s an old cricket pitch roller!

Coastguard Rescue Team members are always ready for anything, so when a member of the public rang to say there was something nasty on the beach off Sewerby last Friday, they went to investigate. But when they got there at 8.30pm, it turned out to be an old friend.

Andrew Shipley, of the team, said: “It was an old cricket pitch roller from Sewerby Cricket Club which is only really seen at low water, and at the moment we are having lower than normal summer tides.”

He believed the roller had been maliciously rolled off the edge of the cliffs some years ago.

He said: “It is firmly embedded in the sand, but at an angle and I have to admit it does look a bit like some kind of ordnance if you don’t know about it.

“But when you get a call we can’t ignore it and I don’t blame the member of the public who made it. We would rather they call us with good intent because it could well have been something dangerous.”

The team received another call at 1pm on Sunday that two inflatables were blowing out to sea from the North Landing area of Flamborough.

“It turned out to be a couple of kayakers going about their own business, but again we don’t mind false alarms with good intent,” said Mr Shipley.