Blue is the colour for Paul’s challenge

Paul Robinson prepares to board the train to Beverley
Paul Robinson prepares to board the train to Beverley

Even though he was dressed as a smurf, Paul Robinson wasn’t feeling blue as he set off for work on Tuesday morning.

It was just one of 10 challenges he was taking on during the day to raise money for Children In Need.

Paul, who works at Millers Day centre in Beverley, was given the list of tasks by colleagues and service users.

The most eye-catching challenge was commuting from Bridlington, and returning home at the end of the day, dressed as the brightly-coloured children’s character.

He said: “People who know me, know that I love a challenge.

“I work with people with learning difficulties and elderly people with dementia and they have all made suggestions.”

Paul’s day of fund-raising began with a trip on the 8.08 train from Bridlington.

He said: “There must have been 70 people on the platform and some of my train buddies who I travel with each day had a good laugh.

“When I got off in Beverley, there were people waving.

“The best bit was when my wife Jo was driving me to the station in Bridlington, I waved to a bloke on a bike and he was so surprised, he nearly rode into a fence.”

On Saturday, Paul headed to Shades of Nature salon in Sewerby to have his hair dyed bright blue, and he spent the rest of the weekend getting funny looks from friends and neighbours.

He also sported his new look while playing for Bridlington in the Yorkshire Badminton League on Sunday.

“I just hope that the blue comes out of my hair,” he added.

“The hairdressers were only joking when they said I’d be OK by February, I think.”

He has already had his legs waxed and spent Tuesday trying tongue-twisters, telling jokes, singing to service users and completing the dreaded ‘tin can challenge’, where he had to eat weird and wonderful items and try to identify the taste.

Paul has raised almost £600 for the Children In Need appeal.