Blue bin scheme in Brid a success

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A REFUSE collection trial that began in Bridlington has proved so successful that it has been extended to other areas.

And the residents who took part have been praised for being amongst the UK’s top recyclers.

Householders in the Avenues area managed to recycle 56% of household refuse in 2010 to 2011, against a national average of 43%. And now the figure is heading for 60% – making it one of the highest rates in the country.

The trial involved changing the cycle of bin collection from weekly for green bins – the contents of which go to landfill – and monthly for blue recycling bins, to alternating fortnightly collections for both.

John Skidmore, East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s head of streetscene services said: “The trial in Bridlington has been pivotal to everything we’ve done over the past five years.

“We’ve trialled different methods and changed a few times, and that’s helped us determine what’s needed.”

He praised those who live in the 1,000 properties involved, saying: “The residents have been very supportive and this year we expect to achieve 60% recycling rates.

“It’s worked really well and that’s why we’re moving to another six pilots, both urban and rural, to see if it meets expectations.

“People responded brilliantly – Bridlington has really pioneered the way.”

The trial is being rolled out to other parts of the East Riding including selected streets in Cottingham, Brough and Little Driffield.