Birthday jam for Brid skate park

Bridlington Skate Park's fifth anniversary celebrations.
Bridlington Skate Park's fifth anniversary celebrations.

A Bridlington skateboard park has celebrated its fifth birthday with a ‘skatejam’.

Gasworx Skatepark, which opened on Moorfield Road in 2008, celebrated the milestone with the help of funding from the Sir James Reckitt Charity.

Bridlington Town Council’s Skatepark Coordinator, Kay Wardle, said: “ The skatejam allowed the broader community to see the park users for what they really are: passionate, dedicated athletes that voluntarily seek out physical recreation. The general feeling amongst the users is that they realise that being able to skate/ride the Gasworx for free is a privilege, so they were happy to volunteer to make the event possible. Thanks also to Bridlington Town Council, Andy Hire and the Gasworx neighbours for their continued support.”

A Gasworx Team is now being set up to monitor the park. This will consist of volunteers who are mature park users who will supervise the park for a few hours a week. Because they are skateboarders themselves, they will be well placed to supervise and gain the respect of follow riders. The project is being supported by a Positive Activities grant, and anyone who would like to get involved is asked to contact Kay Wardle on 01262 409006.