Birdwatchers ‘could use pillboxes rather than hide on landmark’

Flamborough Head
Flamborough Head

A villager leading a revolt against plans for a birdwatching hide on Flamborough Head says WW2 pillboxes could be used by birdwatchers - without spoiling the iconic clifftops.

Andrew Barden, who has amassed over 40 objections in Flamborough, will be speaking at Monday’s planning meeting at County Hall in Beverley.

Officials are recommending approval of proposals by Flamborough Bird Observatory for the hide, south of the Fog Station, which would shelter those watching birds in inclement weather.

The observatory, which carries out daily sea watches, say it will be partially hidden by the lie of the land. But Mr Barden said the point of designating an area Heritage Coast was not to develop it.

Mr Barden said: “The major issue is that this is protected land, it’s part of the Heritage Coast and it is land held by East Riding Council to prevent unnecessary development and we are very proud of the fact that it is undeveloped and unspoilt.”

Mr Barden said there were areas which had been developed which could be used, adding: “There are disused WW2 pillboxes which are right on the clifftops and could do with being preserved.”

He added: “It is absolutely not going to be hidden, it is out in the middle of a nature reserve on the clifftop.

“It is like a caravan on the clifftop - they have never needed one before and there’s nothing to say there is more need for one now than there has been.”