Bird flu case on Nafferton duck breeding farm

There has been an outbreak of bird flu on a British duck breeding farm.

Monday, 17th November 2014, 10:17 am

The Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra) said it has confirmed at least one case of the virus at the farm in Yorkshire.

But they insisted the risk to public health is “very low”, and said they are embarking on a cull of all poultry at the stricken farm.

A Defra spokeswoman said: “We have confirmed a case of avian flu on a duck breeding farm in Yorkshire - the public health risk is very low and there is no risk to the food chain.

“We are taking immediate and robust action which includes introducing a 10km restriction zone and culling all poultry on the farm to prevent any potential spread of infection. A detailed investigation is ongoing.

“We have a strong track record of controlling and eliminating previous outbreaks of avian flu in the UK.”

Bird flu, or avian flu, is an infectious viral illness that spreads among birds. In rare cases it can affect humans.