Belt up, warn local police

MOTORISTS and their passengers in the Bridlington area are being urged to buckle up whenever they travel in vehicles as part of a safety campaign.

Throughout the month of October, all uniformed officers will be watching out for those not wearing a seatbelt, with the threat of prosecution for offenders.

Police will target locations identified as collision hot spots, to reduce the number of people risking their safety by not buckling up.

Insp Mike Dring said: “If everyone who gets into a vehicle puts their seat belts on, the severity of injury in the event of a road traffic collision can be reduced dramatically and that is the message we want to get across.

“All drivers and passengers need to be aware of the seat belt and child restraint legislation that has been in effect since 2006 but, although there are a few exemptions, the basic rule is that ALL drivers and passengers must wear seat belts.”

Government research shows that 370 deaths and 7,000 serious injuries are prevented in the UK every year, simply by wearing a seat belt.

But still, national seat belt compliance surveys show around 15% of front seat occupants and 50% of rear seat occupants, do not wear seat belts in vehicles.

Anyone caught without a seatbelt will be prosecuted by way of a fixed penalty fine of £60 or served with a summons.