Beloved pet turns up almost 200 miles from home

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A beloved family cat from Scotland has made it home in time for Christmas after he was found almost 200 miles away in Burton Agnes.

A month ago, Blue went missing from his home in Grangemouth, Scotland, and owners Philip Cochrane and Roxanne Ewing were worried the cat they had owned since he was a kitten wouldn’t find his way back to them.

In Burton Agnes, 191 miles south of Grangemouth, local resident, Abbiegail Towse, took in the five-year-old cat after he had followed her home.

She said: “He approached me and my daughter as we were going to pick my son up from school. He followed us a few more days so I picked him up and brought him back here.

“He purred so I fed him and every day he kept coming back.”

She then searched the village in hope of finding Blue’s owner before posting on Facebook and contacted the RSPCA.

An up-to-date microchip allowed the vets to track Blue back to his owner, Philip Cochrane.

He said: “It’s my ex partner and the girls that have got the cat. The fact he had been missing for so long we were surprised when we got the call.

“This is the first time he has gone missing which is why I thought something had happened to him. He never really goes out for long.

“We have been telling the girls (Neve, 4, and Maya, 1) he has been out all day and has been coming back when they are sleeping.

“It’s great for the girls and they are really excited to have him home.”

Earlier this week, on Tuesday December 15, Blue was reunited with his family.

Andrea Cockerill, the RSPCA volunteer who helped find Blue’s home, said: “It’s quite common for cats to go missing for that length of time, I’ve scanned a cat that went missing a year before.

“But this is from Scotland to Yorkshire, it’s a bit different.”

Andrea has urged more pet-owners to get them chipped as it makes reuniting them with their families so much easier.

Abbiegail added: “I’m so happy because he didn’t have a home I would have adopted him.

“I’m glad he’s going to be home for Christmas and he’s got a family. It will be the best Christmas present for them to have their cat home on Christmas Day.”