Beach babes

Round Table new dads on Bridlington beach
Round Table new dads on Bridlington beach

THE Round Table organisation is all about meeting friends, having fun and putting something back into the community.

And it seems five members of the Bridlington branch of this world wide club have been doing their best to live up to it.

Each one of them is father of a new bouncing baby, some of them in just the past few weeks.

Mark Kunz, a past chairman and now the branch’s media officer, said as far as he was aware the club had not had so many new fathers all at once before.

“I think there must have been a lull in our programme several months back,” he said.

The proud dad’s took their offspring for some fun on Bridlington beach with other Tablers in the unexpected warm weather on Saturday.

“I think we have now unofficially adopted them as junior Tablers,” said Mark.

Delighted Fathers are, branch secretary Dr Rolan Schreiber, 33, with Isaac,(12 weeks), Gregg Miller, 33, branch chairman and local dentist with Annabelle, (15 months), immediate past chairman Jason Padden, 36, of Quay Carpets, with Lucas,(5 months), and international officer Neil Archbutt, 39 , head of estates for East Riding of Yorkshire Council, with Hannah, (4 months) , and Ian Winterbottom, 33, of Betta Embroidery, with Anabelle (24 weeks).

There are among around 20 local Tablers who meet twice a month and according to club rules have to be between 18 and 45.