Bay Primary School pupils learn from local artist

Bay Primary School pupils study the artwork.
Bay Primary School pupils study the artwork.

PUPILS learned first hand about creating art from a local artist at an exhibition of work held at the Spa Bridlington.

On Friday 23 November over 70 children from Years Five and Six at Bay Primary School, St Alban Road, Bridlington, visited the show of work by Leanne Broadbent and Rhea Sherriff-Hammond Bridlington Spa’s Royal Hall.

The exhibition was entitled Dirty Pretty Things and the students were given a talk by Leanne before they viewed the work for themselves.

Leanne said: “After the children had a chance to view all the art work, I allowed them to ask me questions which were relevant to the exhibition and creation of the art work.

“I was completely astounded at their response.

“The questions they asked were so clever and what they observed in the pictures was fantastic.

“This to me illustrates the importance of hands on learning, although it is completely valid for children to view art from a book in the classroom or the internet, nothing beats viewing the real thing.”

The youngsters studied the art work and wrote about their favourite piece of work before continuing to view a photographic exhibition also held at the Spa.