Barge created to help protect Bridlington’s sea wall

The large floating platform in Bridlington Harbour. (PA1315-1)
The large floating platform in Bridlington Harbour. (PA1315-1)

A large metal raft has been constructed in Bridlington Harbour as part of a scheme to protect a sea wall.

The metal platform was constructed in the harbour over the weekend prompting some residents to take to social networking site Twitter in a bid to find out what it was for.

But the Free Press can now reveal that the platform is to be used to support the installation of steel piling along the sea wall on Royal Prince’s Parade as part of a £1.3m coastal defence scheme.

A spokesperson for the East Riding of Yorkshire Council said: “The large metal raft is a barge which will be used to support and carry the piling rig to and from the working area opposite North Pier.

“When not in use the barge will be moored within the harbour alongside the north pier.”

The piling works are due to start towards the end of this week, weather and tides permitting, and will take around eight weeks to complete.

Once the steel piling is in place thousands of tons of Norwegian rock armour will be piled up against the sea wall to prevent erosion from becoming a danger to homes and businesses.

The scheme was brought in after it was estimated that should the wall fail 39 homes and 15 businesses would be lost at a cost of more than £11 million.

The final completion of the project is expected four weeks after the piling has been put in place.