Baby Ruben is ‘Christmas Miracle’

Nancy Thorne with Christmas Day Baby Rueben
Nancy Thorne with Christmas Day Baby Rueben

The mother of a baby born on Christmas day has described her new son as a “Christmas miracle” after he was delivered three weeks early.

Nancy Thorne of Meadow Road gave birth to baby Ruben at 3.11am on Christmas day and came in weighing a healthy six pounds.

Nancy, who is a carer, said: “It was really strange to deliver a baby on Christmas.

“My waters broke on Christmas Eve so was I was in Scarborough hospital for Christmas day.

“He is a little miracle – I was not expecting to have him because he was three weeks early.

“It was even more of a Christmas miracle because the delivery went so smoothly.

“It only lasted two hours and I didn’t need any painkillers.”

Nancy said her family were astounded by the Christmas birth with relatives encouraging her to give Ruben a festively appropriate name.

Nancy added: “Everyone’s telling me I need to name him Ruben Jesus Thorne because he was such a miracle baby!”

Ruben’s birth also coincided with another two Bridllington babies who were also born on Christmas Day at Scarborough Hospital.